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The specialist for kitchens, bathrooms, dressings, interiors and terraces.
ARTIKK stands for General Renovations, Total Interior, Kitchens, chores, but also dressings and bathrooms, but our specialty is kitchens. 
We are a small firm, which has the advantage that you are dealing with the same people who completely follow the work from A to Z, and are at your disposal for any questions or wish es without obligation. 
How we work? You come to us, or we will come to you for your kitchen, bathroom, whatever, we help you with advice and draw your three dimensional plans on a computer so you can see how your dream will look. 
There are so many different Styles, but we can really find everything, trendy kitchens, rectory style or ultra modern, but you choose, we have many materials you can really choose everything, from the smallest door knob to your special color of your choice of the kitchen .... 
We are always friendly and we act normal, and don't use trendy words that don't help you, we assume that you know about what you want, we help you with your selection, materials, kitchen equipment and so on, what is important to us, is that you are satisfied, because we are proud of our new kitchens realized with old-fashioned craftsmanship, and that we know you will enjoy it with pleasure, our formula is very simple. 
  • friendly service 
  • guaranteed quality materials 
  • a style for everyone 
  • perfect workmanship 
  • small or large budget, we help you with your choice, everyone is equal before us 
  • We hope you will enjoy our achievements, as we do when installing it.